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To remember a time that wasn't surrounded by music, be it singing, creating, watching or consuming, would be rather difficult for me. For as long as I can remember I have been of the musical persuasion since my childhood. Being part of vocal groups and choirs was a favourite pastime, that ultimately took me on a journey of songwriting, music production, vocal arrangement and mixing.

Here is my singer-songwriter portfolio.

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norealle and raye marilyn are London songwriting duo SkyWriters, born creatives with a flair for building songs that speak to the heart, by championing an often introspective approach to storytelling. 

This undeniable energy and commitment to their craft is heard through powerfully sweet vocal layers and textures, demonstrating their ability to evoke real depth and honesty through their lyrics and melodies. Yet still, they skillfully infuse light-hearted nuances, giving their songs an alternative edge and commanding your attention in the process. 

Their writing journey has seen them collaborate with rising talent in the UK and the US. Now they speak for themselves with a string of releases that testify to their gift. Using joint and personal experiences they combine their influences across soul, gospel, pop, funk, jazz and classical to create a sound that is equally poetic and timeless. 

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Vocal Practice

You want to learn to sing or even just better your vocal quality?

With me, you are guaranteed to learn and enjoy every lesson. Together we will understand and highlight your strengths and weaknesses, following a tailor-made plan to reach your personal goal.

£20 per hour over zoom, skype or any other preferred video communication tool.

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